Deny Bodies Will Be Moved For Turnpike


August 5, 1950


          Rumors that bodies in Potters Field, Secaucus, are to be disinterred and transferred to another burying ground to make way for the new cross state turnpike were denied by John F. O’Neil county supervisor and Daniel T. O’Regan county counsel.


          According to O’Regan the turnpike authority has never entered into negotiations for the purchase of the land owned by the county in Secaucus. “The county does not anticipate selling any of its property there.” O’Regan added yesterday.


          Both O’Regan and O’Neil say the turnpike line does not cross Potters Field and hence there is no need to disturb any graves.


          Both officials say the turnpike authority officials were warned before operations started the county would not permit disturbance of the bodies in the county burial place.


          They also denied giving any orders to county police officials to bait any operations in connection with the alleged disturbance of the burying-ground.


          Concerning another rumor that the turnpike authority intends to purchase all 32 acres of land near Laurel Hill, O’Neil says he has heard nothing of it and that he is informed that the authority only needs sufficient land for its right of way.


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